Carcaci retires after more than 50 years

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Kathy Carcaci, one of RIT’s 
longest serving staff members, has retired after more than 52 years.

Kathy Carcaci, one of RIT’s longest serving staff members, has retired after 52 1/2 years.

“I will truly miss all of the wonderful people, the energy, the diversity of thought and being exposed to some of the smartest minds in the world,” said Carcaci, manager of staff recruitment and a senior human resources representative. “In addition, I will miss the beauty of our campus. There is a pin oak tree near lot D that was dedicated to me for my 35th anniversary. I named her Olga. I know it sounds crazy but I see her every day when I come into work, and it’s such a great memory. ”

Carcaci began her tenure at RIT in 1965, when she just 18, working in the administration building on Plymouth Avenue in downtown Rochester. She has seen RIT transform from a close-knit downtown campus into the sprawling, state-of-the-art community that it is today. “My hope for RIT is that it will continue to be innovative and ever changing, but never losing sight of the human factor—the employees and the students,” she said. “They are what RIT is all about.”

With the addition of President David Munson, Carcaci can say that she has worked for six RIT presidents and she is one of the few employees who has witnessed the construction of every new building on RIT’s current campus. And while the on-campus growth has been astounding, Carcaci has also seen the rise of the impact that the university has had on our local community. “I hope that RIT continues to be a strong partner in the Rochester community. When I interview people, many recognize the important role that RIT plays in our community.”

As for the next chapter in her life, Carcaci will become a “snow bird,” spending part of the year down south with her husband.

“My immediate focus will be to learn how to slow down and to sleep later in the morning. What happens after that is up in the air, but I will ponder that in sunny Florida!”