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Kudos to John Retallack News hits

John Retallack, a faculty member of RIT’s School of Photographic Arts and Sciences, has created some haunting images of residents at Monroe Community Hospital.

I personally was so TOUCHED by his photographs and the way he captured heartfelt moments, “personalities” and the human-hands of kindness in each and every one of his images.

Having graduated from and working at Strong Hospital for a few years before I left the medical field to pursue journalism—which landed me my current job in PR at RIT—I met so many courageous people along the way, many who were very much like “Emily, Rose, Marianne and Sky.” This documentary portraiture—of people in a health care facility that for many is “home”— is a wonderful reminder of life, living and the joy of community.

When my two children were young, we volunteered at Monroe Community Hospital, and to this day, we still can recall the excellent staff, volunteers and residents who touched our hearts. Now my “grown” children live in Raleigh and L.A.—so I’m sending them this website as a reminder of how many wonderful “lawn birthday parties” we celebrated with residents at MCH.

For those interested in viewing this project, visit www.johnretallack.com.

Truly excellent work, John…


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