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VNR: Enhancing and expanding RIT’s profile? PR musings

Computer security and identity theft are undeniably among today’s biggest consumer threats. To address this urgent problem, RIT has joined forces with McAfee Inc. to launch a new master’s degree in computer security. As part of the program, students participate in simulated cyber “warfare” with experienced engineers from organizations like McAfee. These interactions, its proposed, will prepare students to one day prevent the next generation of cyber hackers from stealing your identity.

RIT’s office of University News has produced a “video news release,” or VNR, on this innovative program that is currently being distributed to TV stations across the country. Over the next week or so, be on the lookout for this story to appear on your local TV newscasts.

There’s no telling which stations will elect to air this feature or when it may air, but we hope this project offers wide exposure to just one of the many groundbreaking experiences that help to define today’s RIT.


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