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Say cheese! Ten things to love about RIT webcams Miscellaneous

If you haven’t clicked the webcams link on RIT’s home page, you’ve been missing out on something. Actually, you may have been missing out on at least ten things:

1.) Webcams provide parents with additional peace of mind in homes far away. (Students-pick a weekly time, say, noon on Tuesdays, when you can go stand by the tiger and wave to Mom and Dad.)

2.) You can control the webcam yourself and even zoom in and out. (I considered filming myself outside of Java Wally’s, where I could wave to the camera I was controlling on the wall of the Eastman Building, and then use the photograph in this blog entry.)

3.) Alumni can view the campus at any time from sunrise to, well..sunrise the next day? Everyone has a favorite time of the day, and the webcams provide a 24-hour live video feed.

4.) Check the weather before heading out. Do you need an umbrella? A parka?

5.) Prospective students can explore the campus on their own personal tour (but will miss out on the fun RIT facts and information given on those guided tours).

6.) You can check out the line at Ben & Jerry’s. (This is highly recommended, as is their mango-lime sorbet.)

7.) Current students, especially freshman, may discover quicker ways to a particular destination instead of trying each path themselves. (You do know that in poor weather, many people “cut through” buildings as a shortcut, right?)

8.) You can monitor the status of the construction on campus — it’s neat to watch the workers build the new facilities.

9.) You can check the time on the large clock above the dorms. This could be considered overkill, but there is something sentimental about that lofty timepiece.

10.) It’s just plain entertaining. No one is sure why, but the Chronicle of Higher Education gives couple of reasons in this article.



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