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Overheard in the Quad Miscellaneous

Campus is quiet the last day of exam week. Patches of ice frost the ground as I walk back to the office after a morning meeting.

As I’m walking, I overhear snippets of conversations as students dart from one building to the next. You can tell this is a technology school and that there are exams going on, I think. Here’s a few spoken thoughts that traveled on sound waves through the chilly air…

About a question on the final they just took: It said to calculate the velocity BEFORE it goes uphill. AND he gave us the speed…

About whether she could keep a large meal in a queasy, yet hungry, stomach before the next exam: I might just get cereal or something…

About the next exam…? I’m not going to be awake for this.

About…I’m really not sure, but they were headed from the Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences: After that, you find the X2, the next X2, and…

And then the wind chill numbed my ears enough to make me cover them up until I could scurry out of the cold and into a warm cup of coffee.

  1. Becca
    Dec 09

    I like reading away messages on Instant Messanger, for example:

    "In the library for the day. Stop in and say hello."

    "serenity, now! I really ought to be sleeping more often."

    "final at 2:45, be back within an hour."

    And the blogs posted after people finish:



    "Praise God! I have an extension. I get to sleep tonight."

    "Got ten hours of sleep last night .... mmmm ...It's gonna be a good week ... "

    cracks me up.

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