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This week, our roving News & Web Specialist (that’s me, Silandara) is at the HighEdWebDev conference, conveniently located at the RIT Inn and Conference Center, just down the road from the RIT campus.

This year’s conference is better than the last, with more topics relevant to what we’re dealing and grappling with in University News. Finally, we’re talking about blogs and podcasting and how to best communicate with our current and future students (known as Millennials, fyi).

It turns out I’m almost a Millennial, aka Gen Y. I missed it by just 5 years. Yet I still find emerging technologies vital and exciting — rather than a definite sign of the end of the world as we know it. I’m excited about integrating blogs (like this one) and other ways of communicating and getting people to join in the conversation. But sometimes it’s hard to really grasp its implications and how it can be used — for good and bad. And if it’s sometimes over the head of a relatively young, fairly hip person like me, imagine being a college administrator who’s been out of university (actually studying in one, not working in one) for 20 plus years.

The sesions I’ve attended about these topics have been packed to the brim. I sat cross-legged on the floor through one of them. So it’s not just me or our department that’s interested in learning and understanding more — and having a bit of a head scratch about what it all means. We’re all here figuring it out together.

The best quote of the conference so far?

Fifth-graders are blogging.

Eighth-graders are podcasting.

What are you doing?

— Jason Myszkiewicz (an RIT alum, information technology)


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