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President Clinton visits RIT Events

Not everyone got to get in on the hubub when President Clinton visited RIT today.

This webmaster, for one, wasn’t even on campus as it was my day off. Plus, I wasn’t invited. Hopefully one of my colleagues will blog about the experience…

If you were in a similar boat as me (not being invited or not on campus or just not there for any reason) you can view the video stream of his visit.. This is the kind of thing we’ll be putting on our possible future RIT podcast (which is still just a dream, not yet a reality).

You need Real Player to view the vido, which can be downloaded for free here.


Update: Feast your eyes on a few photos of President Clinton’s visit.

Update #2: Apparently President Clinton’s visit was a popular topic among RIT bloggers.

Bill Clinton to visit RIT Computing College tomorrow!

Clinton, Golisano team up for tour

Bill Clinton is Coming to Tour My Building at RIT Today



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