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RIT around the world PR musings

Do you know that RIT is a parent university to three other schools around the world?

U.S. Business School in Prague (USBSIP) in Prague, Czech Republic

American College of Management and Technology(ACMT) in Dubrovnik, Croatia

American University in Kosovo

(Take some time and browse the Web sites. A special congratulations to American University in Kosovo…the new Web site looks great!)


This is a picture of the new ACMT building in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The Web site has other pictures as well (beautiful ones of the surrounding city and sea).

Most of the RIT community knows about these schools, and that there is a study abroad program available (though no RIT student has ventured to Kosovo quite yet.) But really, until I completed research about the program and colleges themselves, I never realized the real relationship between RIT and each school.

Acedemic calendars are the same. Many RIT professors teach overseas at the colleges. RIT President Dr. Albert Simone presents diplomas to graduates in Dubrovnik. The schools aren’t just “closely tied” with RIT, they are a part of RIT.

Public relations is much different at these universities than here at RIT. We have a large staff here at University News, and maybe we all take it for granted sometimes. Each school is making great progress and deserves recognition in the community. Hopefully as these “child” schools mature and grow, their public relations departments will as well. Until then, University News will do what we can to bring students and faculty abroad the recognition they deserve.

  1. Silandara
    Dec 16

    Becca - you're supposed to write that we have a small staff and we're all overworked!

    You do want your co-op credit for this quarter, don't you? ;)

    Seriously, we're not a one-man operation, but our research shows that our PR department is quite a bit smaller than that of other area colleges. We're seem huge because it's like we're everwhere at once...something like that.

  2. Becca Nelson
    Dec 17

    Ok, ok.

    We have a large staff in comparison to the schools we parent around the world.


    Maybe not as large as say...Harvard University. But still.

  3. nick trentin
    Dec 22


    I am a graduate of the ACMT in Dubrovnik and I have to say that it worries me to find out that after 7 years of existence you still consider ACMT to be a "child" school!

    The people there do great things in organizational terms (no matter the size of the student body!). They deserve some credit and respect for the great work they've done in 7 years!

    So do me a favor and do not speak of them as students and profs of a "child" school, guess I am not the only one who's a bit offended here.


  4. Becca
    Dec 23

    To clear things up--I apologize for the offense I never meant to cause. I'd still like to explain what I'm thinking.

    Before I posted, I considered for a long while about the term "parent school"...and whether or not it could be interpreted the way I wanted it to be by all. In no way did I use the phrase child school to imply that progress hasn't been made or that students and staff haven't worked hard. On the contrary, success has been obvious so far.

    I am about to graduate and consider myself very grown up, but my parents are still my parents. No matter how hard I work or successful I become, they will always be my parents, and it won't offend me to be called their child. ACMT has been experiencing remarkable growth and success, but it still began as a school "parented" by RIT. I think that shows the ability of both school in a positive way.

    Thanks for the comment, and I will be more careful with my choice of words from now on.

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