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tpr_logo.gifTake a look at the folks with the PDA cell phone / pocket PC/ laptop computer in your next seminar / class / meeting. What do you think they’re doing on those backlit screens?

Are they searching the web for info pertaining to the subject at hand? Are they bringing up the agenda that was e-mailed out before the meeting? Or are they catching up on their favorite blogs, checking the latest news headlines and seeing if their date from last night responded to their how-you-doing-today? morning e-mail?

Ah, the power of wireless.

Wireless is a very cool thing, and when you don’t have it, you miss it. After spending time in an environment – like a college campus – where it’s so prevalent, you forget that the rest of the world doesn’t yet offer that ability.

Proof that RIT is pretty cool when it comes to providing wireless access? We made it into the Princeton Review’s Most Connected Campuses. (Here’s the Forbes story about it.)

So go on and get out your super-cool wireless device and ride those Internet waves. Where are you reading this blog from right now?


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