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Get Real…In Rochester PR musings

Congratulations to the Rochester Business Journal on the successful launch of Real magazine, and its website, www.real-rochester.com.

This is a great tool for many college students who can further see the benefits of staying in the Greater Rochester area after graduation. It is cool, too, that their first edition mentioned RIT’s cooperative education program.

RIT students certainly noticed the magazine around campus. Reporter Magazine also did a nice feature on the new publication.

RIT students, check out Rochester….get off campus and see what it has to offer from the East End to High Falls to Charlotte. Don’t complain unless you’ve been out there and seen it, and done it. At least get yourself a garbage plate!

  1. Becca Nelson
    Jan 18

    I used to complain a lot about Rochester and how much I wanted to leave.

    Not so anymore..today I've got a new love for downtown, and even for some of the "burbs". I can't say it was because of the magazine, since I discovered Rochester before I read "real", but I know many students who have picked it up---they're flipping though it for ideas on everything from restaurants to shopping...but the magazine also has information about local companies.

    Reporter often tries to get students off campus and out into the community-I've read reviews on Ethiopian restaurants and local shopping malls. It's really too bad that the students who find out Rochester is a great place to live often find out as they're leaving, or after they leave and want to come back.

  2. Pete K
    Jan 19

    While I'm excited to see someone executing effort to keep graduating students in rochester, I'm somewhat disappointed to see what real-rochester offered web users.

    The design is amateurish, and rushed. The pages are static, and the content is incomplete.

    Specifically, I'm not a fan of the gloating 'under construction' sign under 'jobs.' I'm especially not keen on the 'after-school special' design style they've picked up. We're budding professionals, not high school students.

    I really do want to stay around Rochester after I graduate. I just hope not to be greeted by web sites like this one when that time comes.

    Keep it up, Rochester. I'm rooting for you!

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