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Google News PR musings

One of my regular duties here at University News is something I do anyways because I care about what the media say about RIT.

I am the Google girl.

A note: I know my self-proclaimed title is not entirely politically correct-sounding, but it was catchy. And if in the future there is a male co-op student who doesn’t have quite as large a workload as the rest of the staff here, he could be the Google guy.

For now, it’s my job. And I love it.

A couple times a week, I type “Rochester Institute of Technology” into the Google search field, but instead of hitting the “search” button, I click the “news” link. Then all the news stories about RIT come up and I can click “sort by date” to see the most recent. I compile them and our webmaster puts them on our site at RIT in the News.

It is amazing how far technology has come in just the past year. We are able to be more efficient than ever before. Compiling news hits has never been so simple. I can even sign up for a Google Alert, to have RIT news fed constantly to my computer (and there is a lot of it.)

It’s a necessary and wonderful thing…as RIT becomes increasingly popular in the media, the media becomes somewhat easier to monitor.

  1. Bob Finnerty
    Jan 05

    The nice thing about Google Alert is that it is FREE, too :-) You can track any of your favorite subjects, like say the Baltimore Orioles, for example.

    We still pay for news clippings in University News, because it captures many publications, including trade journals. But Google news is another nice tool.

  2. omar
    Jan 12

    Google Alerts are great, I use them to keep up on my alma mater.

    Plus, it makes me seem very well read in social situations, when I can reference articles from newspapers across the country :)

  3. Dave
    Mar 11

    So why would I not just bypass your site and do that search myself on google?

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