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One cool thing about blogging is the fact that it gives any individual the chance to say what’s on their mind.

And today, I have a few things on mine.

1.) I am going to miss University News Services. I’m a co-op student writer, and this is my last quarter. The team here is close-knit and professional, flexible and efficient, experienced and fun. All at the same time. I have learned a lot about the nature of public relations and professional writing since I arrived in September, and I’ll miss the “learning experiences” I’ve grown so used to having, just by doing work here every day.

2.) I am leaving for RIT’s sister school, the American College of Management and Technology(ACMT) in Dubrovnik, Croatia in less than three weeks. This is huge, and is occupying my thoughts.

I like to google ACMT just like I google RIT. And I love to look at photos of the city, and correspond via email with students there (who I can soon meet in person).

Did you know that the young woman representing Croatia in the Miss Universe competition is an ACMT student? Well, she is. RIT joins ACMT in wishing good luck to Biljana Mancic.

  1. Nicolas Shayko
    Feb 19

    Have fun in Croatia. I am sure the press releases won't be the same without you writing them. I am sure you collegues will miss you as well.

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