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If you don’t care about behind-scenes-blogging stuff, skip this and read about Paul running across campus with a trophy in hand (or something like that) two posts down.

I, however, am a technophiliac who loves understanding how and why things work. Especially when they stop working. Which happens ocassionally after I fiddle with them. That just means they need a bit more fiddling with to get back into shape. Fiddle. Yeah, that’s the technical term for what I do.

This is the obligatory post to say that we’re working on stuff behind the scenes – changing our photos to ones that better represent us (I’m relaxing in the morning sunshine with my son, Duncan, on my mum’s back patio in Florida in my shot :), updating the CSS so things look better, tweaking the comments so they can be unmoderated yet not full of spam. That kind of thing.

We (well, I) will also be adding more links to RIT student/staff/faculty/alumni blogs — once we find them. Do you have an RIT connection and a blog? Let me know! We do want to know about your blog. And we will be reading it. (heh heh) And commenting. That’s part of the whole conversation building I keep talking to everyone about.

Most of my conversations these days revolve around repetetive two-syllable words like, Say mama. Say mama, Duncan. Mama. You can do it. No, not Dada. Mama. Mama. So having exchanges with adults — even virtual ones — is something I quite look forward to.

So if you see things changing over the next few days and various elements floating around the page, it’s not magic. It’s me. Fiddling.


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