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If it looks like a blog and smells like a blog… Blogging

As a young writer, we learn that it’s important to take pride in your craft. We’re taught to prepare perfect copies of work before presenting it in public. With these teachings, it’s hard not to become conceited when comparing your work to the work of ‘non-writers,’ but it’s time for writers everywhere to concede that blogs are the universal equalizer.

I’ve always viewed blogs simply as a medium, open for anyone to disseminate their thoughts, and for many, who are not skilled enough to be published elsewhere, it’s their only chance to be heard by the public. From a “Gen Y” standpoint, blogging is blogging, whether the words simply erupt directly from mind to screen, or the post is carefully written, edited, then re-written, in accordance with standard writing procedures.

So, is blogging all about the action, or the quality? Consider this…

Based on the popularity of American Idol (31.5 million viewers last night), it’s safe to say that America knows a thing or two about judging talent. While some contestants are William Hung‘s and others, Kelly Clarkson‘s, aren’t all the contestants still singers? If we look specifically at William Hung and Kelly Clarkson, a comparison of their talent or success isn’t even worth the effort, but both have derived their fame from the same physical action, through the same type of medium.

How about this…

I enjoy the game of golf, and as someone who worked at a country club for four years and used to boast a 7 handicap, I would consider myself a golfer. Tiger Woods also plays golf and I’m sure he would consider himself a golfer as well.

Should we create a new title for the way Tiger golfs, since he’s far more proficient at the game than any of his competitors?

“Hey Al, did you see Tiger out on the course today?”

“Yeah, but I heard he stopped ‘Woodsing’ after the 9th hole though because it’s so hot out”

Whether Tiger shoots a 67 or a 117, or even if he played with ice skates on (which unfortunately violates most course’s rules), he still went golfing.

So, whether you’re spending a long time, writing, proofing, then re-writing as I just have, or if you prefer to just open up with a few rants in between class, have fun and happy blogging to you.

  1. Silandara Bartl
    Mar 30

    Are you saying I can't have my own Word of the Week? Can I inappropriately capitalize things instead? ;)

    I do agree, though - a stream-of-consciousness brain dump journal is blogging as much as a breaking news site is blogging. One might be of more interest to one group of people (like the journalers's mother) than the other. But it's still writing and still blogging. Thanks for doing both.

  2. Justin Thorp
    Mar 30

    I understand what your saying Brandon but I am not sure that I like your metaphors. I don't think its fair to compare one type of blogging/writing to William Hung or a not-so-good golfer. Most likely what I do would be characterized as being more William Hung. In all honesty, wasn't William Hungs' fame more making fun of him.

    With the web, writing and writing styles have become more than what you read in the newspaper. That's not to say that one is better than the other. They all serve their purpose.

    As I said in my previous comment on Mike's post, on my blog, I write down quick thoughts or notes of what is on my mind.

    I compare it to cooking spaghetti. One way to know if you have cooked the noodle long enough is to throw it up on the wall and see if it sticks. With my blog posts, I have ideas in my head. I write them down quickly, to make sure that I don't lose the thought. I then throw it out there and see if it sticks.

    If it doesn't, maybe after a week or two of rolling it around in my head, I throw it out there again maybe a little differently and see if that idea resonates with people.

    The hope is that there will be someone who relates to or understands my ideas and can play off of them. We then start a conversation and we collaborate to do something cool.

    Isn't this what you do in everyday life? In real life, your just doing it with a small circle of friends. Here you can do it with the world.

    My comments that I write on your posts are throwing my ideas out there to see if they stick (which I don't think they are.) I hope that by engaging you all (starting a conversation), we can put our collective minds together and do something really awesome. This type of writing is no different than how I would talk to you in person.

    An off-topic question...will this blog ever go more indepth into what University News Service does? I know you guys do news stuff. Don't get me wrong, I love this conversation.

    I think this blog could help to answer the question...as a student at RIT, how does University News Service make a difference for me?

  3. TabathaOster
    May 18

    Awesome blog. Peace out until next time TabathaOster

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