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Talk to us, get a free lunch? Miscellaneous

We’re dedicated to building readership of the Tiger Beat blog. So dedicated that we take our commentors out for lunch on campus. ;)

In the spirit of bloggers being transparent about themselves, lets reveal what happens when someone takes the time to respond to our posts with thoughtful comments.

Justin joined our blogging conversation a few weeks ago, offering good points, links to other blogs and books we might want to check out, and a few questions about what where up to and why. He also made the innocent suggestion of getting together with Mike to continue the conversation over lunch. Which turned into lunch with Mike and me. Which then somehow turned into lunch with me, Mike, Paul, Brandon and my son, Duncan (who slept through the whole thing. I guess blogging bores him).

The good news for Justin is that lunch was on University News. For us, it was cool to chat, in person, with someone we met online who has interesting things to say (plus, lunch was also on University News). Duncan, however, had to wait until we got home to eat as he woke up cranky right at the end of the conversation.

Here we all are, chatting away.


(From left: Duncan, Mike, Justin, Paul and Brandon. Photo by Silandara)

  1. Justin Thorp
    Apr 24

    Hey guys! I really enjoyed having lunch together. I look forward to further discussions.

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