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Had Mark Cuban been a subscriber to The Tiger Beat he may have saved himself one hundred thousand dollars.

Mark Cuban, the eccentric billionaire-owner of the Dallas Mavericks was recently fined $100k for blogging…on his own personal website.

Okay, so he wasn’t actually fined for the act of blogging, but he was fined for his criticism of referees, which is taboo in the sports world, regardless of the medium that’s used.

So, why do we care about the NBA? Well, this exploit serves as a great follow-up example for everything Silandara discussed in her post about why it’s important to be aware of who may be viewing your ‘personal’ blog.

Honestly, despite the fact that you are the author of a blog post, how personal can a blog be when it’s accessible on the web for millions to see. No, blogs are not traditional media, like television or the newspaper, but we’re still accountable for the opinions we express and how we portray ourselves.

  1. Justin Thorp
    May 24

    What did they say in Spiderman?"...With great power comes great responsibility." It is the World Wide Web, which means the world will see it. Just because some people seem to be irresponsible, isn't a reason to not embrace it as a communications medium. People should just be smart.

    Read the first chapter of the book Naked Conversations. It is kind of case study on the implementation of blogs at Microsoft. There entire blogging policy is "don't be stupid."

    I think the more that people comment on other peoples' blogs the less over the top they will be because they will realize people actually read what they write. The community will police itself.

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