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We control the weather! PR musings

It happens too often! Commencement weekend at RIT is notorious for cool, clammy weather. But if the forecast holds, conditions for this year’s celebration might be darn near summer-like. And you can thank University News because, as I’m now learning, we control the weather! More on that in a moment.

I hate to admit it, but I’m one of those pathetically superstitious sports fans. Imagine, for example, I’m at home watching the Buffalo Bills—sitting on my couch with my feet resting on the coffee table—and the team is actually doing well (yeah, I know, how often does that happen?). I’m reluctant to shift my posture because it might actually alter the karma of the game. Moving to the other side of the couch and putting my feet on the floor might result in the other team charging ahead, and I can’t risk that! After all, the outcome of the game has nothing to do with the quality of the players on the field. It’s all about me! I control the game! (I already admitted to being pathetic, okay? Cut me some slack!)

For that reason, I assure you the Buffalo Sabres will win the Stanley Cup this year! It’s true! While I was in Vegas last month, I bought a $10 ticket, 15-1 odds, on the Sabres winning their first NHL championship. You might think I’m looking good, so far, for a $150 payoff. One problem: I left the ticket in a shirt pocket, and (you can probably see where this is going) it went through the wash. All I have left is a faded ticket shred, so I’m pretty sure that Aladdin’s casino won’t honor it now.

But wait, that’s got to be great karma. I forfeit a decent payout, but the Sabres win the Stanley Cup! I realize they’re a great hockey team, but they would have never made it this far if not for my faux pas. It’s all about me! I control the game!

Which brings me back to my confidence concerning the weather for commencement weekend. I’ve always thought that, during special occasions, the staff of University News should look like a team. We talked about matching shirts, but it was difficult to agree on a style. What about long-sleeve pullovers? Great idea! This is Rochester, after all, and it’s almost always damp and chilly during commencement. So that’s what we did—pullovers and jackets. They look nice.

Now I realize that we control the weather. With temperatures forecast to approach 80 this weekend, it’s obviously because we ordered the pullovers. It’s karma, I tell you!

So if you’re on campus for commencement this weekend, be sure to thank a member of University News for the nice weather. We should be easy to find. Look for the people with pullovers wrapped around their waists.

  1. Mike Saffran
    May 22

    Indeed, thank you, Paul, for the anticipated nice weather for commencement this weekend. However, now that you’ve promised nice weather, does that now mean it’ll turn cold and nasty, permitting us to wear our sharp new gear after all? How does that superstitious stuff work, anyway?

    By the way, don’t we also owe you our gratitude for this year’s mild winter because you recently bought a snowthrower? Those who remember former Democrat and Chronicle (and Times-Union) columnist Dick Dougherty may recall his guarantees of mild winters after penning contracts for snow plowing. (And I believe buying season ski passes has a similar effect.)

    Congrats to all RIT grads and enjoy this weekend's nice weather.

  2. Jared Lyon
    May 23

    As a previous RIT undergrad student, I have to let you guys know that the general consensus (among IT and CS students in Computer Science House at least) was that Al Simone himself had a weather machine on top of building 1. This came about because whenever it was an open house, the weather always perked right up and all the animals were let out of their cages to frolic around campus. There were very few examples when prospective students and their parents were on campus when it wasn't great weather.

    Just thought I'd offer another view on the weather controlling situation. :)

  3. Justin Thorp
    May 24

    Go Detroit Red Wings! They can take the Buffalo Sabres any day. :-p

    Hopefully I'll see you guys at graduation.

  4. Paul Stella
    May 24

    Silly, Justin! The Red Wings made an untimely exit from the playoffs this year, but I suspect you already knew that. Go Sabres!

  5. Silandara Bartl
    May 24

    Don't worry, if the weather does stay nice this weekend, you know it'll be chilly for Brick City Homecoming and the Regatta and you can break out the sweatshirts then. :)

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