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What’s your online persona? PR musings

Have you Googled yourself lately? What’s available in cyberspace that some stranger can access about you?

This is one of the hot stories in the media right now, especially as it relates to graduating college students. Through social networking Web sites, like MySpace and Facebook, prospective employers can retrieve information — and photos — on a student’s college experience. You may not think they can, but they can, and they do! The story is not always a flattering one.

I recently shared a local TV news stories on this topic with student in my PR class. The lesson? Well, too many pictures of drunken weekends might tell employers you’re a risky hire. Companies want to hire well-rounded individuals, so it’s okay to show people that you like to have fun, in moderation.

I tell my students that PR is all about putting your organization — or yourself, for that matter — in the best possible light. Think about that before you start posting those rowdy graduation photos!


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