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While making my usual rounds through Mike Rundle (and company)’s 9rules Network, this article from Mark Friesen’s Newsdesigner.com caught my eye.

In it, he rounds up all the usual mainstream news sources, and groups papers by the angle they took on the recent coverage of the events involving Al-Zarqawi.

I’ve been checking Newsdesigner.com at least a few times a week for some time now, and if you’re into journalism, they’re a pretty fun read.

  1. omar
    Jun 12

    That Newsdesigner site is great, I've never seen it before!

    I think I enjoy looking at newspapers more for the layout than for the content. I like to see what the editors think is most important for me to know.

  2. Pete K
    Jun 12

    Yea, the 9rules network is 2/3rds of the blogs that I go through on a daily basis.

    Every paper is a work of art, definately.

    The guy on Newsdesigner.com uses constantly refers to a site called the 'newseum' which is a kind of archive for mainstream newspapers to post images of their front-pages.

    Good stuff.

  3. Mike Rundle
    Jun 21

    Oh man, University News has a blog... how'd I not know this??? RSS feed here I come :)

    Pete, is there any way to mention/feature 9rules in an upcoming University News publication? I've seen other RIT students' stuff showcased there, but since 9rules is only tied to RIT through me I thought it'd be a longshot, but maybe not. If you could, shoot me an email about who I'd have to talk with to get the ball rolling, or if you think I have a snowball's chance in hell lol.


  4. Pete K
    Jun 21

    Heya Man,

    Based on the success of 9rules, and the large part you played in getting off the ground, I'd say that your snowball has a good chance.

    I'll talk to you soon,

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