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This is my first official post as the University News ‘behind the scenes web tech something something’ blogger. Every week I’ll be supplying our readers with either a behind-the-scenes look at my problems as a web developer here (and how I solve them), an interesting PR-related resource or both. :)

Moving on to the post, I focus on the budding technology department of University News. More specifically, the manager-geek relationship that’s developing between me and Mike/Paul/Bob.

Let me let you in on a little secret: geeks are artists.

And like artists, geeks are temperamental creatures (and unlike artists, they’re highly educated, j/k!). They need sunlight, beverages, music and plenty of RAM. If you haven’t cared for a geek before, then it’s important that you learn how, because getting the most out of your geek isn’t simple.

Check out How to Manage Geeks, an article from fastcompany.com (advice for business execs), that focuses on Eric Schmidt‘s (CEO of Google) ability to squeeze every drop from his highly-skilled workforce.

If you’ve finished perusing that, then supplement it with Alexander Kjerulf‘s How NOT to lead geeks. It’s a light, but serious examination of how to sabotage your geek’s abilities. His site, Positive Sharing, talks about leadership, change, and happiness in the workplace.

Come back next week for a behind-the-scenes look at the tribulations behind our eventual switch to wordpress (which ought to be happening any day now), the new blog design that I’ve come up with, and the podcast that Mike’s getting up.


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