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The fall issue of RIT: The University Magazine will be in the mail on Aug. 4. That means we’re now at work on the winter issue.

Sounds weird but it really does take many months for our little team to gather the information, write and edit the stories, shoot the photos and develop the design for a 48-page (sometimes larger) publication. The schedule includes a couple of weeks for proofing plus four weeks for the printer to actually “manufacture” the final product.

The fascinating story of how the magazine comes together begins when an editorial group comprised of the vice president for Government and Community Relations, vice president for Development and Alumni Relations, chief communications officer, executive director of Alumni Relations and several others get together to determine content. The editor (that’s me!) is chief writer and expediter. Other University News staffers contribute stories and photos. Alumni Relations and Development provide class notes, alumni activities info and other material. University Publications handles design and print production.

The RIT magazine has grown and evolved since it first appeared in spring 1999. We now distribute 120,500 copies, an increase of more than 30,000. The mailing list includes alumni (nearly 100,000), parents of current students, faculty, staff and other friends of the university.

Originally biannual (spring and fall), a third (winter) edition was added in 2002. The first few issues had 32 pages; now 48 is the norm, and the upcoming fall magazine will be 56 pages. We could easily fill more space—there’s no shortage of terrific stories about RIT, its alumni, students, faculty and programs. Story ideas come from everywhere, and we’re always looking for good ones. I welcome your suggestions—please feel free to comment here on the blog or send me an e-mail.

The magazine’s mission is to share those stories with people who care about RIT—and, through those stories, to continue the connection between these people and the university.

In the fall issue, readers will get a peek at the Galapagos islands. They’ll learn about RIT’s place in the emerging world of on-demand publishing. There’s a feature about several alumni who responded to Hurricane Katrina in very personal ways. We also reveal how a missing class ring was returned to its owner—after an absence of 28 years.

The fall issue also carries complete details and registration information for Brick City Homecoming—but if you can’t wait, visit the Web site right now!

  1. Ralph Whitbeck
    Jul 28

    Spring 99? Man has it been that long? I remember helping with the first Univesity Magazine's web site. Me and Teresa Marks. Although it looks to have gotten an upgrade since it was done...thank god cause our version of it looked hideous. Funny how the sites I worked on while at University News look so childish compared to what I am doing now...of course 5 years from now I'll probably say the same thing about what I am doing now. Glad to see you are still editing the publication Kathy...it's been a while since I saw everyone. Take care.

  2. Silandara
    Jul 28

    Funny you say that, as the Magazine web site is a few years old already and in need of a facelift now. But at the time, it was an upgrade from what we had and served the purpose. So it goes. I look at the University News site I redesigned 5 years ago and, man, it looks terrible compared to what we have now (which is also in the process of being redone). I'd better get back to putting up the Web version of the fall magazine...it'll be up by next Friday when it mails. :)

  3. Ralph Whitbeck
    Jul 28

    Well your first redesign looked a 100x better then when I left it. The University News site has come along way in 5 years you're doing a great job. I love the Tiger Beat blog it is a great addition.

  4. Lisa Stein
    Jul 28

    Thanks for mentioning the Brick City site Kathy!!!!!

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