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Hi Folks!

As you can see, we’ve made some adjustments to the Tiger Beat Blog you all know and love. What began as some distaste with the CSS that MovableType generates, has become a full-blown redesign.

We chose to move to WordPress for it’s administrative user interface, the price, and for the code it generates. After investigating and poking and making a bunch of mistakes, I feel well-versed in the realm of WordPress theme development. It was really in no time at all.

So enjoy the new blog. You can subscribe to our RSS feed by clicking the feed icon at the top or bottom of the page. Feel free to let me know what you think, or identify some issue with a comment. It would be greatly appreciated.

(known issues include a width bug in IE, and a 1-pixel alignment issue in Firefox)

  1. omar
    Jul 12

    1) It looks great!
    2) The "Tiger Beat Home" and "Archive" links at the top of the page lead to pages that don't exist (clicking on the banner at the top of the page tries to go to the same link as the "Tiger Beat Home" link, so that doesn't work either).

  2. Pete
    Jul 12

    Ah. Damn static links. I should know better :)

    Thanks for pointing them out Omar. I'll knock those out tomorrow.

  3. Silandara
    Jul 13

    Not sure about the change in the photos back to the little squares... kinda won't work for some of the photos (like Vienna's), I think. Will have to go and check...

  4. Pete
    Jul 13

    Heya. The 'home' and 'archive' links have been repaired. I'm toying w/the idea of a straight post listing page. Like 'all posts.' Also, the 'about us' section now exists, and we're filling that with content.

    Besides the squares, is there anything good/bad about the design, Sil? I'm very interested in your opinion.

  5. Silandara
    Jul 13

    I like it. We also need a "posts by author" and "categories" section. I was looking for posts by Vienna, Marcia and Mike to take a look at their photos -- and they really don't work in the square 65 pixel format as that wasn't the plan when we took the photos -- and it took me ages to find them. But I like the shiny orangeness of it. It's very upbeat. It'll be interesting to see how WordPress deals with all the spam compared to Moveable Type.

  6. Pete
    Jul 13

    If you click on an author's name, you can see all the posts by that author.

    As for the squares, I cropped everything down, so I'm not sure if there's still an issue. If size is a concern, the idea was that the full-size photos are featured in the 'about' section, and the smaller, more iconic photos (being very static) are small because they're less important than the headline, date, post, and excerpt. They're probably on-par (importance-wise) with the number of comments.

  7. Silandara
    Jul 14

    Some of the cropping is a bit odd, then - like Marcia's which is just part of her head, and mine which is just a great big head! ;)
    Also, my name doesn't quite fit in the comments section, it cuts off the "r" and "a."

  8. Silandara
    Jul 14

    OK, another comment. I'd prefer to be "Silandara" not "Sil" in my posts. And while I love the feature of clicking on an author's name to see all their posts, if they haven't posted in a while, there's no easy way to get to them.

  9. Silandara
    Jul 14

    Yet another comment from me -- what's happening with our blogroll?

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