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One of the challenges of being an active participant in the blogosphere is figuring out how to get conversations started. Because it’s all well and good for us to give the inside look at a higher-ed PR department, but not much point if we’re the only ones looking.

The best way I see to get other people looking – and talking to us – is to go and talk to them. Standing around at a party waiting for people to approach you and make conversation is excruciating. Gulping down a drink and making the first move ends up working much better.

So, with a cup of tea in hand (rather than a glass of red wine), here goes.

How do we know who to go talk to? Much like friendships, it goes like this:

Bob wrote about the U.S. News & World Report university rankings, which was quoted on the higher ed marketing blog and showed up as a trackback in the comments section on our blog. So I went there to check out who’s writing about us and what they’re saying.

While there, I read more than just that one post, which lead me to the Sam Jackson College Experience blog – a high school senior’s account of “a very tiny portal into the hell which seniors around the country experience every year” when researching and choosing potential colleges. It’s a good blog. And a must read for anyone involved in higher-ed marketing or PR – whether admissions or just us university news folks. While our main focus isn’t admissions, raising the university’s profile and spreading awareness of its cool programs and opportunities does aid in that effort.

Jackson doesn’t have RIT on his “Places I Might Apply” list, but maybe he’ll change his mind. J After reading our blog, of course.

To continue the web of connections, Karine Joly at CollegeWebEditor.com recently interviewed Jackson. She also interviewed me about The Tiger Beat blog in December 2005, so the circle completes its circuit. For now.

Whenever we go to conferences about higher-ed PR, we’re always told that it’s all about relationship building. I’ve never been a phone person (I think it’s because my mom used to make me take all the telemarketing calls) and it’s always seemed so smarmy to me to call up reporters who don’t want to make small talk with you anyway. But communicating via the written word works for me: e-mail, blog posts, commenting on other blogs – that I can do. Plus it’s with other bloggers who are writing about the things we’re also thinking and writing about.

I wonder if anyone else is thinking about getting a cinnamon roll to go with their tea?

  1. Pete K
    Aug 24

    Imagine if there were others that linked to us??? :)


    A listing from 'PR meets the WWW': http://blog.basturea.com/archives/2006/05/13/prblogs-april-06/

    A notable mention of our efforts from Wes Thorpe: http://westhorp.typepad.com/dailygrit/2006/04/rochester_insti.html

    The good Justin, of course: http://www.mycapitalweb.com/justin/?p=769

    The ever-popular Doonsebury mentions: http://www.internationalcounselor.org/?p=28

    A nod for Mike in the Blogging Journalist: http://www.thebloggingjournalist.com/2006/03/professor_even_.html

    A sidebar link from the Tin Soldier: http://tinfoilsoldier.com/blog/

    Hooray. :)

  2. Justin T.
    Aug 24

    Right on!

  3. Pete
    Aug 24

    Crap! That's a Thorp w/out the 'e' Sorry!!

  4. Sam Jackson
    Aug 25

    Hello! Thanks for the kind words :P
    On RIT not being on my list: It's governed largely by geography, I'm afraid. RIT can't be responsible for Rochester as a whole! Not that rochester is bad--it's just not where I ideally envision my undergraduate experience. Although, I must say, any college which blogs about itself gets kudos from me, and a mindshare boost... :)

  5. jackee
    Aug 01

    Nice article but its wine glass in my hand rather than tea I don’t like tea at night. Anyway good blogging and links.

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