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A simple mantra leads to big results News hits

A wise, former colleague once gave me a very simple rule to follow regarding effort that applies very well to public relations: “Everything works and nothing doesn’t.”

Basically this means that you often never know what particular effort or action is going to lead to the “big story,” but that does not mean the hard work is not productive or ultimately worth it. It is also for sure that if you do nothing, nothing will happen.

Recently this axiom was hit home for me when RIT’s National Center for Remanufacturing and Resource Recovery, or NC3R, was featured in several articles by BusinessWeek Magazine which highlighted the center’s expertise and considerable experience in the areas of remanufacturing research and sustainable design.

BusinessWeek reporter Brian Hindo called out of the blue one day in connection with a major story he was writing on remanufacturing. He ultimately came to campus and spent a whole day touring the facility, speaking to staff members and discussing our various research projects.

I was amazed that the whole thing seemingly happened so easily and was eager to find out how Hindo had found out about the center. It turns out that he knew little about remanufacturing when the story was assigned to him, so he had done several Internet searches looking for information on the topic. One of the first things he came across was an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer regarding the Pennsylvania remanufacturing industry in which NC3R director Nabil Nasr was quoted. He was intrigued by Professor Nasr’s comments and looked up NC3R through the RIT Web site to find more information.

So, by the time he called our office he already knew a great deal about our expertise and had a pretty good idea that he wanted to use us in his piece. And the rest as they say is history!

Now I must admit when working on setting up the NC3R Web site and scheduling the interview with Professor Nasr and the Philadelphia paper, I never in my wildest dreams thought these actions would lead to such great publicity through BusinessWeek. However, it just goes to show that all the work you do in PR, from developing a Web page to getting an interview with The New York Times, has value and ultimately helps create the image and profile that is presented to the general public.

EVERTHING you do matters!


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