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Behind the scenes of ‘Dateline: RIT – The Podcast’ Podcasts

Last time, I introduced “Dateline: RIT – The Podcast”—part of a family of new-media services from University News aimed at keeping you updated on coverage of RIT news and RIT people in the news. This time, the inside story (part one) on the vision behind the podcast, e-newsletter, “Dateline: RIT” blog posts and forthcoming “Dateline: RIT” Web site.

The purposes of each are to show and tell:

• Show coverage of RIT news and RIT people—because getting RIT in the news is our primary mission (through news placements or “hits”).

• Tell about interesting RIT news—because showing you coverage is another way of telling you about RIT news (as we do through News & Events and news releases).

That’s the “why” behind the purpose of “Dateline: RIT.” Next time, more on the “how” behind the new podcast.


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