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Newsmakers: We’re trying—really we are Inside N&E

This blog post is more of an apology than anything else.

Kudos to our many faculty and staff members who diligently submit items for publication in the Newsmakers section of News & Events every two weeks. While I’m always happy to accept them, unfortunately, I’m not always able to use them at the pace that I’d like to.

As managing editor, I’m asking those of you who are waiting for your name to appear in print to please be patient. The good news is that News & Events is always so jam-packed with, well, news and events, that we often have to hold off on running the Newsmakers section of our publication, or we’re forced to print just a few names at a time. For example, when I started compiling the Sept. 21 issue, there were 10 submissions set to appear. On Thursday, you’ll see that, in the end, we only had room for three.

And each time I check the Newsmakers submission file, I find that it has multiplied exponentially.

Please continue to send us news about your conference presentations, board appointments, journal publications and other news, and we promise to print them in News & Events as soon as we can.

Feel free to contact me to check on your status in our submission file. While I’m not able to give you an honest answer as to when your submission will appear in News & Events, I can at least let you know how many folks have a reservation ahead of you.

Thanks for your patience.


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