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Before we redesigned the blog, we had a blogroll with a huge list of somewhat-related blogs. RIT faculty/staff, students, alums, other higher-ed or PR/marketing blogs. It was getting to be quite a list. I still have it somewhere . . .

The blogs that other RIT faculty and staff write cover an interesting variety of subjects and the best manage to blend their author’s personality and family life in with their professional interests.

One of my favorites lately, is Omar Phillips‘. Omar works somewhere in ITS (I think in the HelpDesk, which means I must have talked to him at some point in the last few years). His blog is…somewhat indescribable. It’s funny. It has a bunch of loyal readers who love to comment. And you never know exactly what you’re going to get. I love it.

I also read Weez Blog by Elouise Oyzon regularly. I don’t think we’ve actually talked, but did exchange some voice mails while I was checking out Pete’s references before we hired him. Her blog is very poetic, blending teaching and family life.

Then there’s Mamamusings. Liz Lawley is an IT professor and the director of RIT’s Lab for Social Computing. She’s also the person that first talked to us about blogging, what it’s all about, who’s doing it and why we might want to. She describes her blog as “thoughts on technology, academia, family, and tangential topics” and it’s one I check out fairly often although some of the subject matter is over my head (I’ll admit that). Whenever I read Liz’s blog, I’m always left with the feeling that she’s very very smart.

Finally, here’s a plug for my own blogging efforts. I write The ROC outsider blog for the Rochester insider, which is generally about what makes Rochester a cool place to call home. I seem to talk about eating ice cream a lot. It’s becoming a hobby of mine.

  1. omar
    Sep 08


    And yes, I am at the HelpDesk. If anyone's ever passing by, please peek in and say hello! We only ever talk to people when something is wrong, so that sort of "just saying hi" thing makes our day.

    (Not-so-coincidentally, Liz was also the first person that talked to me about blogging.)

  2. Glo
    Sep 08

    Omar is AWESOME! And his readers do love to comment. Even on blogs that just mention him.

  3. Atul Patel (Cla
    Sep 15


    Good to see that RIT is running a blog. As an alum, could you put me in your blogroll as well.

    I'm at www.thingsivenoticed.com


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