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RIT in the news: Beating the drum PR musings

At first, I was at a loss to find something to write about. It’s not from a lack of activity on campus. Far from it! There are just so many good things going on here it’s difficult to focus on any one of them for any length of time. Admittedly, it’s often hard for me to focus, period. (Character flaw, I realize, but it’s one of the things that make me so lovable!)

So, as I sat in front of this previously blank page, I reflected for a moment on some of our recent media placements. We at University News like taking credit for many of the RIT “clips” you see in the newspaper and on TV because we work hard for the opportunities. But what struck me on this occasion was how many of them didn’t result directly from our work. Instead, they were often the indirect response a continuing effort to heighten RIT’s profile.

Take the latest project from the Democrat and Chronicle. Called “Reworking Rochester,” the effort intends to examine a range of initiatives designed to enhance the local employment picture. In yesterday’s editorial, the newspaper describes the impact of RIT and the University of Rochester as “prestigious research institutions.” In reality, UR is a much larger and more experienced player in the research field, but University News, along with many other RIT advocates, has done a great deal to highlight our university’s expanding research portfolio. To be mentioned along side UR indicates those efforts are paying off.

I think the lesson is this: If you beat the drum long enough and loud enough, people will eventually listen (if they don’t strangle you in the process). I hope that all of us that love RIT will continue to beat the drum so that more and more people—here in Rochester and across the country—will “focus” on the many good things that are happening here.

  1. Mike Saffran
    Sep 20

    You’re absolutely correct, Paul, regarding our indirect influence in securing RIT news placements. In fact, on more than a few occasions, I’ve encouraged University News colleagues to shed their modesty and take credit for stories they may not have worked on directly.

    For example, every time a reporter directly contacts one of our media “stars,” such as Gene Fram, Bob Manning or Ron Hira (to name just a few), it’s often the result of many years worth of work publicizing their expertise.

  2. Silandara
    Sep 21

    I was always quite happy to take credit for any placements in my beat, whether they were a direct result of a press release I sent out or e-mail or other contact or whether they just mysteriously appeared without direct effort on my part. :) That probably doesn't surprise anyone. But I do think that the work that we do every day and the indirect effect it has is just as important as getting a specific story you've been working on picked up by the media. Phew, glad Paul thinks so, too. Heheh.

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