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The podcast is here! Podcasts

“Dateline: RIT – The Podcast” has arrived.

As detailed in an earlier post, “Dateline: RIT – The Podcast” is part of a family of new-media services from University News—each branded with the “Dateline” moniker—keeping you updated on coverage of RIT news and RIT people in the news.

The biweekly podcast, monthly e-newsletter (soon to be expanded), regular blog posts and forthcoming new Web site offer VIP access to the latest RIT news whenever and wherever you want it.

“Dateline: RIT” podcasts feature audio clips of remarks by RIT newsmakers in their own voices, synopses of published news stories presented by University News staff writers, and “On the campus” segments with RIT Chief Communications Officer Bob Finnerty giving updates on prominent campus news, and News & Events Managing Editor Vienna Carvalho-McGrain with highlights of top News & Events stories.

Convenient “chapter markers” within each five-minute podcast allow for easy navigation through the various audio segments.

For those unfamiliar with podcasts, they’re audio broadcasts accessible via RSS subscription or downloading. “Dateline RIT – The Podcast” is available, at no charge, through Apple iTunes and via RSS subscription. It also can be downloaded from the University News Web site. For more on podcasting and “Dateline: RIT – The Podcast,” see the article, “Internet technologies expand reach,” by Sarah Brehm ’06, in today’s (Sept. 8) issue of Rochester Business Journal.

Future podcasts spotlighting a variety of RIT news and people are planned. Your suggestions are encouraged—please feel welcome to contact me with your ideas.

See you on the pod!

  1. Justin Thorp
    Sep 09

    Mike, I really enjoy the new podcast. As an alum, it is a great way for me to stay in touch with what is happening on the campus. What is the clicking noise in the background? It sounds like a typewriter.

  2. Pete K
    Sep 09


    I asked the same question, Justin. I believe he said it was a news ticker.

    Regarding the podcast, I'm very glad it exists. Mike's really running with it & I'm totally looking forward to the future. :)

  3. Confessions of
    Sep 09

    [...] My friends at RIT University News have just started a podcast, Dateline RIT. [...]

  4. Pete
    Sep 09

    I'd just like to note, I'm working hard on other stuff. I realize that the blog needs a few CSS tweaks. :)

    Thx for the patience, folks.

  5. Mike
    Sep 09

    You’re not far off, Justin. As Pete indicates, the background sound effect is an old-style wire-service teletype machine. They were, in essence, automated, oversized typewriters—but with ringing bells signaling bulletins and tons of character. Fed spools of newsprint and spewing news from wire services 24/7, they created the “soundtrack” in newsrooms everywhere for decades. More to come—including a photo of WGSU-FM’s former teletype machine—in upcoming Tiger Beat Blog posts. I’ll take readers “behind the scenes” for more about “Dateline: RIT – The Podcast.”

  6. Justin Thorp
    Sep 11

    My friend Andy friend Andy heard the teletype machine and thought his speakers were going bad.

  7. Ralph Whitbeck
    Sep 11

    Yeah the ticker sound is distracting...use it to change segways..but don't play while someone is talking about the stories cause it gets lost. Kind of makes it sound like AM radio.

    Other then that critism it's great, short and sweet.

  8. Behind the scen
    Sep 15

    [...] Sep15  Mike Behind the scenes of ‘Dateline: RIT – The Podcast’Last time, I introduced “Dateline: RIT – The Podcast”—part of a family of new-media servicesfrom University News aimed at keeping you updated on coverage of RIT news and RIT people in the news. This time, the inside story (part one) on the vision behind the podcast, e-newsletter, “Dateline: RIT” blog posts and forthcoming “Dateline: RIT” Web site. [...]

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