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Fifteen minutes of fame—almost Inside N&E

Unknown Alumni

Does anyone know the names of these two people?

These two alumni, celebrating on campus with Ritchie the Tiger during Brick City Homecoming, were set to appear on the front page of the Oct. 19 issue of News & Events, as part of our Homecoming follow-up.

I really like this photo and it was perfect for what I had intended to use it for. It’s a good representation of our alumni—returning to campus and obviously having a ball. It has an RIT identifier—Ritchie the Tiger. And, let’s face it, they’re such a cute couple.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find out their names. Not even a handful of people in the alumni relations office could help me out. And, as managing editor, I prefer not to run a centerpiece photo without IDs.

So, we yanked this photo at the eleventh hour, and replaced it with another. Fortunately, we found another one, and Katherine Anderson ’94 looks quite lovely and festive in her photo.

I’m just curious: e-mail news&events@mail.rit.edu if you know who these fine folks are!

  1. Jared Lyon
    Oct 18

    I must be missing something, I can't get the photo any larger. How is anyone suppose to ID the couple if we can't see them more closely?

  2. Pete
    Oct 18


  3. John
    Oct 18

    Jared, if I click on the photo it enlarges on my computer.

  4. Pete
    Oct 18

    I should have clarified that I went in a fixed the image so that it links properly.

  5. Jared Lyon
    Oct 19

    Heheh, I was going to say to John that I tried clicking on it and I swear it didn't work. :) Thanks for fixing it Pete.

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