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Ideas, notions, production, and a token mention of the word ‘tiger’ Miscellaneous

I’m still chugging along. The CMS element of the new site has been wrapped up. I now have only to produce a handful of templates, and write scripts to port over several years of articles stored in various databases, XML, and in a few daunting cases (i.e. – the University Magazine), plain HTML. Phew.

The purpose of this post is not to bore you again, but rather to gauge your interest in a few topics/methods for an idea that I’ve been tossing around.

The big idea: A videocast/vcast/vlog/video blog

Before I get into the details, let’s ask ourselves, why a video blog? The files are bigger, the editing process is slightly more complicated, video blogging is greatand the practicality of it just seems ridiculous compared to the return on your time.

Blame John Herman. Thanks to Mike’s suggestion that I pursue the ‘why’ of my ideas, I immediately engaged in a google search to discover why people bother vlogging.

To sum up John’s blog post (Why Vlog? Entertainment, Education, Emotion, Belonging) in as few words as possible, vlogging is belonging. While I could fill up dv tapes all day long and assemble a personal video blog, I choose to do it here. I would like to video blog for University News because we could really use it. All the steps we’ve taken in the past six months point to a realization that media is changing, and that we’re not being left behind.

So there’s a why. I’m passionate about this place.

So rewind time a few months, and you’ll find Mike and I talking about a weekly/bi-monthly piece called ‘Pete the roving geek.’ The name is adequately catchy and harbors a nerd-needling attitude that seems to surface around this sort of activity. There was nothing I didn’t like about the prospect.

Here are some of the notions I’ve had:

– I could go visit professors in various tech disciplines, and ask them about their research, let them plug books or web sites, and ask them a couple of hard-hitting questions about popular technology.

– I could have little RIT tech round-tables.

– Maybe I could deliver some poorly-lit, sub-professional news coverage of events on campus

– Ever wanted to see how University news gets things done? See the process behind News & Events, the University Magazine, or even a little screencast of the web site getting some work done on it.

Like it? Is it exciting you? Is it confusing you? That OK, once you’re engaged by the auditory AND iconic experience of a video blog, your confusion will turn into excitement (or indifference, either way, it’s better than confusion).

What do you think? Do you have a better idea? Maybe something you’d like to hear about?

  1. Ralph W.
    Oct 19

    Any video blog has to have a teletype machine in the background running the whole time or you won't have that branded feel. ;)

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