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Welcome, my name is Marcia Morphy from University News at Rochester Institute of Technology. Consumer debt among American college students is at an all-time high, but it’s not an issue that’s being ignored at RIT. To the rescue is Dr. Robert Manning, author of Credit Card Nation and research professor of consumer financial services at RIT’s E. Philip Saunders College of Business.

OK, I admit it. I’m no Katie Couric or Diane Sawyer when it comes to interviewing people in front of a camera. I’m one of those behind-the-scenes kinds of journalists—used to asking all the right kinds of questions but liking to keep in the background for a sense of personal anonymity.

Hey, I’m used to putting people IN the SPOT—not used to being put ON the SPOT!!!

That all changed with my first podcasting venture. My subject? Credit card guru Bob Manning—who has been interviewed by the best of the best in the media—from USA Today, Money Magazine and C-Span’s Washington Journal, to CBS and ABC evening news, “60 Minutes” and even a guest spot on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”

The reason we were doing this particular podcast was to highlight some of Manning’s acumen on college students’ credit card debt and talk about responsible borrowing and banking reform.

With the podcast under our belt, I envisioned sending out Manning press packets to all the major print media, newscasters like Lou Dobbs, and even venturing into the land of OPRAH!!! BTW, Oprah was the real incentive plan for ME to do this podcast because Manning promised (here it is, in PRINT) I could accompany him to the show in Chicago!

OK, so there are some perks that come with my job; I admit it.

Back to the podcast. When it came time to roll, Manning and cameraman Steve Czompo realized my nervousness. I found it hard to look at the camera with the black hole while pretending the surrounding lights—brighter than a tanning salon—didn’t exist. Take after take, I kept flubbing the introduction and at one point, couldn’t even remember my name!

I could hear Steve calmly saying, “You’re doing fine. Just look at the camera and show LOTS of energy, about 100 times what you think is right.”

Hello? Come on! I’m usually a cheerleader at work and could easily beat out the Energizer Bunny. How could I come across as a deadbeat on camera? Where was Harry Potter’s invisibility cape when I needed it?

Somehow we managed to tape about 30 minutes worth of Manning at his finest, and five minutes of me at my worst. With the unmatched skills and expert cuts from Steve and my UNS director, Paul Stella, we have what they consider a great 10-minute podcast file on “A Conversation with Dr. Robert Manning on Consumer Debt.”

  1. Pete
    Oct 04

    Nice job w/the whole bit. I'm really glad to have every video-cast that we can get. It only makes things better when they're as good as this one.

  2. Paul
    Oct 05

    You did great, Marcia! And if you can nail down an appearance on Oprah, I'll gladly send you along to Chicago.

  3. Pedro
    Oct 05

    My name is Pete. Since 'Pete' is already a tigerbeat blogger, I have chosen an a.k.a. of Pedro. I was originally thinking of something with a bit more flash like - Sir Bruce McKnight - but I decided to keep it on the 'down-low.'
    Ah yes, the all powerful perceived audience… I too have been victimized by their power during my first ever radio show. It was just the microphone and I so all I had to do was to speak into it right? WRONG!
    The value of the information shared is so valuable. It was executed wonderfully. Congrats.
    This is a phenomenon that is affecting my children (ages 9 and 12) as well. I believe the banks have gone well beyond the college student and are targeting the younger people in our society. We are doing everything we can to inspire our children to save, rather than to spend on the latest trend.
    I find Dr. Mannings comments and suggestions helpful in my life as well as my children's lives. I look forward to reading his book.

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