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Name that ‘swoosh’ Podcasts

Last time, I addressed, in general terms, the decision to use sound effects in “Dateline: RIT – The Podcast.” Now, a bit more on the choice of specific sound effects.

The “swoosh” sounds surrounding the “On the campus” segment serve to set it apart from the “In the news” chapter. In the podcast prototype, swooshes surrounded each actuality—but because they made Paul feel dizzy, I cut back to only two swooshes. (Actually, they made me a bit dizzy, too. As explained last time, sometimes less is more.)

By the way, if you listen closely, you’ll notice that the swooshes are distinct (there’s a “swoosh in” and a “swoosh out”). This leads us to the first Tiger Beat Blog “Good-to-Great Giveaway” (future contest name suggestions are welcome):

Trivia question: Can you identify the origin of the swooshes? (Hint: They’re from an old TV cartoon series.)

The first correct answer (submitted by someone unaffiliated with University News), posted here on the blog or e-mailed to mjsuns@rit.edu, wins a University News prize package, including a University News mouse pad, RIT desk flag, and copy of RIT 175: Rochester Institute of Technology, a documentary commemorating RIT’s 175th anniversary. Good luck!

Next time: The newsroom “soundtrack”

  1. Fun with sound
    Oct 06

    [...] Coming up: More on swooshes, teletypes, Skype, Sounddogs and TV cartoons—along with a chance to win a University News prize package.  Birth of a podc Sep29 […] Next time: What’s the deal with those sound effects, anyway?  Behind the scen Sep22 […] That’s the “why” behind the purpose of “Dateline: RIT.” Next time, more on the “how” behind the new podcast.   Name (required) E-mail (required) Website […] Name (required) E-mail (required) Website […] Jared Lyon Oct05 I think the podcast is a great idea, and I’m glad RIT has jumped into it. Nothing says “we’re a tech school” like having a podcast and a blog. [...]

  2. Ren
    Oct 11

    is it from family guy?

  3. Mike Saffran
    Oct 12

    No, sorry, Ren—that's incorrect. Thanks for trying, though. Thanks also to Jeremy, for your guess of The Simpsons, and to Lindsay, for your guess of Road Runner, received via e-mail. Keep trying everyone!

  4. Jared Lyon
    Oct 13

    It's from the Jetsons. My initial reaction was that it was from Scooby Doo, I think I just remember there being a lot of sound effects in that cartoon. THen I listened again and determined that without a doubt, it's from the Jetsons. I even delayed my response so that someone else could win, but now that the post has fallen down the homepage a bit, I thought I'd answer.

  5. Mike Saffran
    Oct 14

    YES! Nicely done, and very impressive, Jared. You really know your cartoon sound effects. I'll be doubly impressed if you want to try the "bonus round" and can correctly identify what the sound signified. In the meantime, congratulations on winning the University News prize package!

  6. Jared Lyon
    Oct 16

    Well, I thought it was the elevator sound... when people are coming up to the current floor that's the intro sound, and leaving the current floor on the elevator is the "outro" sound.

  7. Mike Saffran
    Oct 16

    Correct again, Jared! Officially, on my "Hanna-Barbera Cartoon Sound FX" CD, the sound is that of the "Jetson's Entrance Tube." Way to go!

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