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RIT’s got game…#3 ranking…undefeated in football Miscellaneous

Texas is No. 1….Penn State is No. 2…and RIT is No. 3, beating out USC, Michigan and Georgia Tech as part of the Top 10. I’m not talking about college football. I’m talking gaming!

The Global Gaming League, a worldwide leader in organized competitive online and live video game tournaments and events, gave RIT the ranking. RIT ranked third based on a variety of factors.

You may have read about this in an earlier post by Pete

But it is worth repeating, as many news organizations are now just picking this up….and we have so much other good gaming news.

This includes:

Twin Galaxies, an online game-ranking site, offered a $250 prize for anyone who could
complete the Xbox game ‘Halo 2’ in the shortest amount of time without dying while playing in Legendary mode, the most difficult game setting.

Cody Miller, a 4th year RIT student majoring in film/video/animation, completed the game in 3hrs. 28min. and sent a videotape of his playing to Twin Galaxies so that they could verify his achievement.

In addition to winning the $250 contest, Cody’s record will also be added to the 2007 edition of Guinness World Records.

• Topping Cody by $99,750 is Micah Ernst, a fourth-year information technology student. Ernst won $100,000 over the summer playing in an online gaming competition, the Verizon FIOS Grand Tournament. Ernst beat out 6,000 registrants to net one of the largest prizes ever awarded for an online video game tournament.

• As part of its curriculum, RIT’s B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences just launched a master’s degree program in game design and development.

Gaming is a billion dollar industry, and it looks like RIT is plugged in….Let’s go for #1. Besides, RIT football has been undefeated since 1978.

  1. Pete
    Oct 10

    Wow. I used to play Halo w/my roommates pretty regularly, and that is quite an achievement. Hands-down, Cody had a rougher task than Micah. Then again, in order to do what either of these guys did, you need some kind of inborn reflexive gamer abilities.

    Thankfully, I possess none of these. I do seem to have a natural ability to complain about things. Maybe I should check out the record books for that one.

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