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The Brick City Homecoming Edition Inside N&E

I’ll be the first to admit when I’ve made a mistake.

While compiling the Oct. 5 issue of News & Events, deputy managing editor Michael Saffran suggested the addition of a page-one banner reading, “Brick City Homecoming Edition.” We have included banners on a few previous issues—most recently, the Commencement Edition last May and the Welcome Back Edition on Sept. 7.

I told Mike that I didn’t agree with adding a “Brick City Homecoming Edition” banner because there wasn’t enough Brick City Homecoming information in the issue to justify it.

However, after I sent the issue off to the printer, I took another look at it and realized that I was wrong. There’s plenty of information and events related to Brick City Homecoming in this issue, including a front-page story welcoming the community to campus and highlighting key events; a photo story about the Head of the Genesee Invitational Regatta this Sunday; a full story about an opening reception for a photo exhibit featuring photojournalist and RIT alumnus Bernie Boston; a story about RIT’s Outstanding Alumnus and Volunteers of the Year who will be honored at the President’s Ball this weekend; two musical performances in celebration of the weekend; and an entrepreneurial lecture and communication department anniversary celebration specifically held this weekend in hopes of drawing students and visiting alumni and families.

So, when you’re reading the Oct. 5 issue, please just imagine that it says “Brick City Homecoming Edition” on the top of page one. Mike, you were right.

  1. Mike Saffran
    Oct 04

    That’s OK, Vienna. In not pushing harder for a “Brick City Homecoming Edition” banner, I didn’t feel all that strongly. (By now, you know that when I have strong opinions—including those about News & EventsI’m not shy about expressing them!)

    By the way, congratulations to the Department of Communication—my favorite academic department and a group of some of my favorite professors anywhere on campus—on its 20th anniversary. Special kudos to department chair, Dr. Bruce Austin, and graduate program coordinator, Dr. Rudy Pugliese (great teachers, leaders and thesis advisors, too! :~)

  2. Justin Thorp
    Oct 05

    Vienna, in a past post (i think) you had asked what you could write about in blogs.

    I think you demonstrated it well in this post. Blogs can be useful for addressing issues that may fall between print cycles. You don't have to wait till the next issue of News & Events to make a correction to something. You can address it in the blog right away.

  3. Vienna Carvalho
    Oct 05

    Thanks for your support, Justin, as I'm just beginning to get my feet wet with this whole Blog business.

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