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The tiger wants his sweater back! Miscellaneous

Right now, one of the hottest student issues on campus has yet to make the headlines–except for on Facebook!

Throughout the day on Friday, Oct. 6 you may have noticed our beloved bronze tiger statue, located across from the Eastman Kodak Quad, wearing a nicely-fitting orange sweater with brown trim. Students and parents on campus for Brick City Homecoming lined up, waiting for their opportunity to have a photo taken with the newly clothed tiger, the ultimate display of RIT spirit.

Unfortunately, the tiger’s sweater disappeared sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning. Because of the short amount of time the sweater was on the tiger, this is the only photograph we have. If you have taken a larger, better quality photo, we would appreciate a copy so it may be used in News & Events and University Magazine.

The Tiger's sweater

In response to the sweater’s sudden disappearance, students have begun the Facebook group, ‘The Tiger Wants His Sweater Back’. In the few days since the sweater disappeared, the group has had well over 150 students join, requesting the sweater be returned. In addition, Ask President Simone has been flooded with questions regarding the same issue.

As of now few details are known concerning the sweater and its current whereabouts. We do know, however that the sweater was hand-knitted and placed on the tiger by an RIT student, not by administration, like many believe.

With such an outcry for the tiger to get his sweater back, should we explore future ways of dressing up our statue to show school spirit other than a new sweater? Why not dress the tiger up in an RIT hockey jersey on the day of home games, or at least give him an RIT hat and scarf for those frigid winter days?

Continue watching The Tiger Beat and News & Events for more details as we further investigate the mystery behind the tiger’s missing sweater. Also, let us know how you think the tiger should be outfitted to show RIT spirit.

  1. John
    Oct 12

    Brandon, good stuff. Perhaps the tiger deserves a University News pullover?

  2. Heather deLance
    Oct 12

    I think the tiger should definitely be dressed in RIT clothing to show his spirit! RIT does not seem to show enough school spirit for sporting events and the like, and a jersey before games would at least let people know what RIT students are up to!

  3. ellen
    Oct 13

    This is a great story! Can you get those photos that are on Facebook of the girl putting the sweater on the tiger? They are really fun. She must have knit a sweater with open seams just for Tiger, then sewed it closed once it was on him.

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