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The tiger’s still cold… Miscellaneous

As the weather slowly becomes colder and more ‘Rochester-like’, the RIT tiger statue still remains without its sweater…

Luckily, Stevie Hegge, who is responsible for hand-knitting the sweater, is willing to make another.

“If there is significant interest I would be willing to either repair the original sweater (assuming we can find it) or make a reproduction for future use,” says Stevie.

Stevie and the tiger

Stevie Hegge puts the finishing touches on the original sweater in preparation for its debut Friday, Oct. 6 for Brick City Homecoming. (Photo courtesy of CIAS student Eric Kerby)

While a new sweater is looking like a stronger possibility, the search for the original has not yet been called off.

“Campus Safety contacted me and asked me to bring in pictures so they could keep an eye out for the sweater, says Stevie. “I’m not sure how actively they are looking for it, but they told me to get the news around that they’re looking for leads.”

In his response to the numerous questions regarding the sweater, posted on Ask President Simone, President Simone, who appreciated the display of RIT spirit, suggested that the sweater simply be returned to the lost and found, located in the SAU.

Please continue to offer feedback about ways to help ‘dress up’ our tiger statue for special occasions.

  1. Justin Thorp
    Oct 17

    Brandon, has having the iconic figure of the tiger, especially in the sweater, helped to give good PR for the university or helped to set it apart from the rest? Before the only iconic thing about RIT was the bricks.

    I dunno...if you think of great universities there is always some iconic thing that plays a role in the branding for that university. Like at Notre Dame there is the Golden Dome on the admin building or the painting of Jesus by the football stadium. At Michigan State University, there is a bronze statue of Sparty.

  2. Brandon
    Oct 18

    Justin, as of now I don't think there's a strong iconic figure at RIT, but the student response to this sweater has been outstanding. It seems that many students do take pride in the sculpture and the donning, then stripping of the sweater seems to be serving as the impetus to elevate the presence of the tiger on campus.

    I think that this idea of an icon is even more important now that we have a division I sports program, thus the call for possibly putting a new sweater or hockey jersey on the tiger on the day of home games.

  3. Becca
    Oct 20

    I think the tiger ought to wear a halloween costume..(orange and brown of course). maybe he should wear a santa cap at christmas. theres no reason he needs to be naked during these festive seasons. it's going to be soo chilly in a few weeks!

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    [...] Nov21  John Making the ‘exchange’: the sweater returnsYes, that infamous sweater that Brandon has been blogging and writing about for the past few weekshas been returned to its creator. And as our colleague Susan Rosinski says, “It’s about time the good guys won.” [...]

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