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Who’s saying what? Miscellaneous, PR musings

It’s not just other blogs that talk about RIT. And while we like to tell you about the times that big-name publications interview our experts or mention us — like USA Today, Business Week and the Los Angeles Times — there are plenty of lesser-known papers and Web sites that do the same.

Sure, they may not reach quite as wide an audience, but they still get well read, often by target audiences that may be harder to reach or upon whom the stories will have a greater impact.

Some — like this story picked up by Marine Technology Reporter a few months ago — virtually print our news releases word-for-word. In terms of getting our perspective on the story out there, it doesn’t get much better than that.

(It should be noted, though, that all of us come from a news background of some kind and write, as much as possible, about RIT news that we consider timely, useful and in an objective manner. Sure, we’re not going to put a bad spin on it, but we don’t make up fluff, either.)

Other stories in lesser-known publications seem to spring up on their own, mentioning our professors or alumni. We don’t object to those, of course. Like this one in the Villages Daily Sun about RIT alum David Abrams or this story about ngalumna Mary Newell DePalma in the Roslindale/West Roxsbury Transcript.

Curious who else is saying what about RIT? Check out our RIT in the news hits or see what comes up on Google news.

  1. Mike Saffran
    Oct 05

    Indeed, it doesn’t get much better for a news/PR person than to have a news release printed verbatim. The article appearing in Marine Technology Reporter that you cited is an excellent example. I sent that news release via a couple services that we periodically use, AScribe and EurekAlert—both considered wire services by news outlets on the receiving end.

    A few years ago, the Chicago Tribune picked up one of my news releases from AScribe and printed it verbatim. It was nice being able to tell people that I’d been published in a paper the size of the Tribune (daily circulation 547,257). Alas, in place of a byline, printed at the beginning of the story was “From Tribune wire services.” But PR people aren't in it for the glory, right?

  2. William Dube
    Oct 06

    It is also interesting to note that niche publications often utilize RIT experts for bylined articles. Imaging Spectrum, a top imaging trade magazine, has a longstanding partnership with RIT's National Center for Remanufacturing and Resource Recovery and uses RIT experts frequently as authors. Their current publication features an article on sustainability by center director Nabil Nasr.

    Of course I would like to note, that article was ghost written by yours truly! But again, as Mike says, we are not in this for the fame and fortune.

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