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It seems like every other day this week Bob’s sent us an e-mail about the changing nature of the newspaper industry. (Like this one.)

It’s not news. It’s been changing for a while, just like we’ve all been changing how we use technology and absorb news and information.

But keeping up with what reporters — and the general public — are doing with news and how they need their news from us is something we do. If we want to succeed, anyway.

In that vein, we’ve been focusing a lot on our online content: this blog, podcasts, a revamped website. Even the University Magazine is directing its readers online to more content through “Web Extras” scattered throughout the magazine.

The current (Winter 2006) issue has several Web Extras. Sometimes they’re as simple as the press release that goes along with the story. Or a page of additional photos — as is the case for the Student-built explorer unlocks Lake Ontario secrets story we’ve been talking about on the blog recently.

We’ve also linked to footage of the shipwreck’s the crew has discovered and to several of the recent stories in local and national news.

Yeah, it’s not an interactive Flash presentation where you get to pretend that you’re a deep sea explorer, finding valuable treasure in the depths of Lake Ontario. But it gives the story additional context and meaning. And Lake Ontario is freezing cold, even in the summer.

  1. Bob
    Dec 21

    And look for more "Web Exclusive" features in the Magazine in the future.

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