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News & Events—A work in progress Inside N&E

I’m really looking forward to the delivery of the upcoming issue of News & Events, which hits the stands Dec. 7.

We’ve made some design changes. For example, we’ve added new accent colors, subtly changed the masthead and added a “inside the issue” banner along the bottom of the front page. These may seem like minor changes, but in my humble opinion, News & Events has never looked this good.

While the News & Events editorial staff voiced their opinions regarding some new elements to the publication, Pete Bella, our designer, masterfully made it all make sense on paper. His careful thought and diligent research, as well as channeling of his creative juices, have produced something that I’m really proud of.

There’s a chance you won’t think our changes are a big deal, but you’d be amazed at how News & Events has evolved over the past few decades.

Give us your feedback.

  1. John Follaco
    Dec 06

    I agree, Vienna. The Dec. 7 N&E looks slick. I think the subtleness of the changes is what made them so effective. Readers develop a comfort level with their publications, so it's important to respect that and not make drastic changes on a regular basis. But subtle tweaks, as they are needed, can really enhance the reader's experience.

    Well done.

  2. Pedro
    Dec 08

    Even the mailman... or mail-person to politically correct (are we still calling it that?)... noticed the new design and had positive feedback (he liked it) to give to Bob Finnerty.

    Now that is slick!

    But I must be humble and say that I had plenty of support as I ran my ideas past key folks from University News Services as well as University Publications. That is what I enjoy about the workplace, our ability to work together, respectfully and professionally. And when the work is finished then maybe we'll have a few laughs... just a few...

    kudos to my co-workers! Thanks gang!

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