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Not quite a secret agent Inside N&E

Don’t give yourself away. It’s the first rule of being undercover, but I’m going to go ahead and break it. Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing some covert work for University News.

Don’t worry it’s not what you may think. I’m not involved in any of the rumored conspiracies that lie within RIT lore, though I would like to find out who’s behind the ‘no bucks, all doe’ deer population and the mysterious abundance of sunshine that’s present every time a group of prospective students tours campus.

My task is far less controversial. I’ve simply been sitting and observing—observing interaction with News & Events boxes to be exact.

Based on the number of leftover copies of News & Events at each of the 23 locations throughout campus, we know how many are taken by readers each month, but the question remaining was, how can we be more effective in making sure our copies are seen? The answer: observe the interaction at each location. While most people either pass by the boxes or casually take a copy and continue on their way, some locations have been rather entertaining.

College of Business—The news box containing N&E copies is in a prime location, right by the main doors to enter or exit the college, but this actually became a problem when the new doors were being installed. Instead of moving the box to a more out-of-the-way location, the box of current issues was conveniently used as an anchor point that a large length of caution tape was tied to, encouraging students to keep away—from the construction and unfortunately, News & Events also.

Building 86—Outside our office we have a News & Events box. Day after day, week upon week during the first quarter I observed the same student take a copy during every break in class. I can only imagine what a student does with so many copies. Please inform us if you see someone with all of their text books, dorm walls and/or their self covered by our sleek publication.

Be on the watch for me in the upcoming weeks as I check out the box locations in the Student Alumni Union, Gracie Watson, and the Golisano College. Also, feel free to comment if you have any suggestions on ways to improve the visibility of News & Events boxes on campus.

  1. Paul Stella
    Dec 14

    If we could now just get our delivery people to remember to fill the Saumders College of Business box, I'd be thrilled. It's contently being overlooked. Just today, I took extra issues from the library box in order to supply the Saunders College with copies of the latest issue. Sorry, Brandon, I may be skewing your research.

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