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News & Events—A novice’s nightmare Inside N&E

Remember my last blog post when I wrote that I was really looking forward to the delivery of News & Events? Well, this time around, I’ll say that I’m just plain thankful that the darn thing will hit the stands on Jan. 11.

While the issue looks just as professional as the last, it was a rough road getting to that point. University News/University Publications has switched to a new design program for the News & Events layout—well, it’s new to me—and I’m really stumbling getting around that learning curve.

I eventually gave up Saturday evening while attempting to write my headlines and juggle the page layout. Thank God for the “Undo Move” command. The thought crossed my mind: I must really be stupid if I can’t even understand my InDesign for Dummies textbook.

But, have no fear, faithful News & Events readers. I woke up with a renewed energy and optimism on Sunday morning. It’s an amazing accomplishment knowing that I (with help) can work through a seemingly impossible task. Sure, I miss Quark—a lot. But, when the issue is tidied up and ready to hit the presses, I see the benefits of using a snazzy program like InDesign. And I know the readers will, too.

  1. Ralph Whitbeck
    Jan 10

    The book title is InDesign for DUMMIES not InDesign for STUPIDS no wonder you were having problems.


    Congrats on getting it out the door.

  2. Vienna
    Jan 10

    Thanks, Ralph - as always- for your thoughtful and insightful comments. Glad to read
    that you're keeping up with our blog.

  3. Ralph Whitbeck
    Jan 10

    Hey just wanted to say thanks for posting the Sherman Ham Radio podcast...I was tuned into NASATV that morning to listen in but was disappointed it wasn't covered. I found it very interesting to listen too.

  4. Mike Saffran
    Jan 11

    Thanks, Ralph. We hope to do more of the sort—"re-purposing" and cross-promoting content—in the future. Also, thanks to Jim Stefano of the electrical engineering department in the Kate Gleason College of Engineering for sharing his Webcast of the long-distance Q&A.

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