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The Boy Scouts would be proud—Be prepared Inside N&E

The University News staff continues to receive accolades for producing the special edition of News & Events featuring the announcement of RIT’s ninth president, William Destler.

So, just how did we manage to produce that special edition—prepped and ready for distribution during the March 5 news conference? Looking back, the whole process was very exciting—and it took a lot of man hours from Paul Stella, Mike Saffran, Pete Bella and myself. Although a portion of the issue was planned in advance, we knew it was “crunch time” when the two final candidates were selected. I’ve never worked in a newsroom—but the office had what I think was a newsroom “feel.”

We burned the midnight oil (sort of) and were prepared for either scenario.
The special edition came together thanks to meticulous planning, careful notetaking, strategic photo opportunities and countless hours of production and editing.

The issue was perfect, in my opinion. And I was proud to be a part of the team that produced a breaking-news piece that was distributed immediately following the announcement. I know that all news can’t be breaking news, but it feels great to produce an outstanding “eleventh hour” publication like our special edition.

  1. John Follaco
    Mar 07

    You're right, Vienna. It definitely has been a newsroom-like atmosphere around here the past couple weeks. And you guys did an awesome job. I passed out the issue at the news conference on Monday and people were truly in awe of what the News & Events staff was able to accomplish. D&C Higher Ed reporter Matt Daneman even smelled the newsprint to see if it had just come off the press.

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