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On The Tiger Beat Blog, you’re taken “Behind the scenes of RIT University News.” But, while the blog takes you there, it’s typically not part of the tour. Today, let’s take a look inward with some news and notes about the blog, on the blog.

Foremost, welcome to our newest visitors. Whether you’re an active participant or a “lurker,” we’re glad you’re here. Thanks in large measure to Kelly’s daily reports from the Big Shot last week in Dubrovnik, Croatia, traffic on the blog has increased significantly. Prior to last week, daily visitors to The Tiger Beat Blog numbered around 50, with each person viewing an average of two pages (which makes perfect sense because the home page counts for one and we often have a new blog post daily).

Last week, blog traffic more than tripled to an average of greater than 180 visitors per day, with each person viewing around three pages (or the home page plus two posts). Recognizing that many of last week’s visitors came specifically for Big Shot news (or, in the case of Penn State’s Dr. Jon Downs, to keep up with the travels of big sister Kelly), I was curious—and hopeful—about this week’s numbers now that Kelly’s safely back stateside.

Although there was a drop in traffic this week, as anticipated, I’m pleased to report that the blog averaged around 100 daily visitors, with each viewing an average of two pages. So, while down compared with last week, traffic is still higher—by about double—compared with two weeks ago.

Virgina Tech tragedy drives blog traffic

An interesting aside: Today’s “7 Day Traffic Summary Report” shows an older post—one from about a year ago—with a 1,400 percent increase in the number of visitors entering The Tiger Beat Blog on that particular page. In other words, the blog’s home page was bypassed. Instead, the older post was the first page visited (likely the result of a Google search). The post on that page? It was one Bob wrote on April 7, 2006: The Importance of Crisis Communications: Duke Case Study. Increased interest in the topic of crisis communications naturally paralleled this week’s tragedy at Virginia Tech. In fact, Bob’s post is the top result when searching for the phrase “crisis communications case study.”

However you arrived here, welcome to our new visitors. Feel free to lurk or, even better, to add a comment every so often. I hope you continue visit The Tiger Beat Blog regularly.

And baby makes four

Congratulations to the founder of The Tiger Beat Blog—Silandara Bartlett—and husband, Kevin, on the 8:12 p.m. April 14 birth of Berry Yvonne Gustina. Berry weighed in at 8 pounds. Baby, mom, dad and big brother Duncan are all doing well. (Read much more at http://www.silandara.com/blog.)

Springtime, at long last!

In Rochester, we’re finally welcoming the arrival of spring (or, in my parlance, “MG weather”). Campus grounds crews, like bears emerging from hibernation, are out sprucing up our beautiful campus. (I know, they were around all winter, too—but they’re more noticeable now.)

If you’re here, enjoy this weekend’s nice weather. And wherever you are, have a great weekend!

  1. Justin Thorp
    Apr 20

    Mike, glad to hear that the blog is doing so well!!! I always am excited to see what you guys write and find out whats happening with my alma mater. Plus I'm just excited to see how this medium is helping you guys take what you do to a whole different and higher level.

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