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Opportunity knocks for Kelly Inside N&E

Everyone loves a great opportunity, right? In three days, one of our own—senior news specialist Kelly Downs—will take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on behalf of University News.

In the April 5 issue of News & Events, we announce that Kelly will travel to Dubrovnik, Croatia, to cover the Big Shot photo event for University News. While other University News staff writers have traveled to New York City to witness a previous photo shoot, this will be the first time that one of us will travel halfway around the world to cover an event. Kelly will report back to us via blog posts and podcasts about pre-event preparations in Croatia, life in the city of Dubrovnik, some of her experiences in the city, and, of course, the production of the final Big Shot image of the Pile Gate.

We are lucky to have someone “on the inside” to give us an up close and personal account of life in Dubrovnik and the Big Shot. I encourage our readers (and podcast listeners) to log on and tune in next week as Kelly embarks on this amazing opportunity.

Best wishes for a safe and successful trip, Kelly!

  1. Justin Thorp
    Apr 04

    Thats awesome that she's going to blog from Croatia. Those posts will be fun to read. Whats the Big Shot?

  2. Vienna
    Apr 04

    Hi Justin --
    The Big Shot is very cool...I've taken this explanation from a previous News & Events story.
    What’s unique about Big Shot, often described as a “painting with light” photograph, is that it requires hundreds of volunteers to illuminate a subject area using camera flashes and flashlights during an extended exposure. The subject area for this nighttime photograph will be the original entrance to Dubrovnik’s Old Town. The stone wall stands 100 feet high.

  3. Paul Stella
    Apr 04

    Hey, Vienna, remember the Alamo? (Get it?) I got to go to San Antonio for that Big Shot in 2001.

  4. Vienna
    Apr 04

    I guess I didn't remember the Alamo. Loved the joke, anyway. Am I correct, though, in stating that no one else has actually left the country to cover an event?

  5. Bill DuBois
    Apr 06

    Hey, Vienna, I remember the Alamo... Having been there behind the cameras to see the alamo come alive with 1200 flashers was a blast. We are all hoping that the Croatia Big Shot is as exciting... Keep watching the blog for visitors from the Dubrovnik area - We need all of the flashers we can find... Croatia - Here we come!

  6. Kelly Downs
    Apr 06

    Hi Justin--

    The Big Shot requires shutting off most of the lights in the subject area of the photograph.Professors from RIT's School of Photographic Arts and Sciences went over to Dubrovnik last spring to do a site check. The Pile Gate entrance to the Old Town of Dubrovnik was the winner. While in Dubrovnik, professors Bill DuBois and Dawn Tower-DuBois (two of the three Big Shot Organizers) met with the mayor's office in Dubrovnik to request streets lights be turned off after sundown on April 12. There is also an organization that controls the lights on the wall surrounding Dubrovnik. Some of the those will have to be turned off as well. The only source of illumination for the photograph is that from the volunteers. They will use flashlights and camera flash units to bathe the area in light while the RIT photographers take an extended exposure. The photographers will do several exposures until they are happy with the result. We hope to have about 1,000 volunteers participate next Thursday evening.

  7. Paul Stella
    Apr 07

    Yep, you're right, Vienna. This is first time we've been able to provide overseas coverage. It should be very interesting to see how it all turns out. Safe travels to Kelly, Bill and everyone else heading to Croatia.

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