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Update from the 2007 ‘Big Shot’ in Croatia Events, Photography

Today’s first update from the Big Shot in Dubrovnik, Croatia, is a report from Debbie Kingsbury, assistant dean for RIT’s College of Imaging Arts & Sciences and part of the Big Shot contingent traveling with us:

Only 29 more hours until we all arrive at Pile Gate for the Big Shot. Excitement is growing, and all the final details are finally coming together.

Yesterday, our Big Shot crew met with faculty, staff and students at ACMT in three different sessions. During the morning meeting, Bill got so excited he said, “When you get to the Gate tonight. . . .” All the RIT folks together chimed, “NOT tonight—THURSDAY!” By the evening, Bill was saying, “tomorrow,” which, of course, everyone corrected him on—again. We all jokingly told him we were concerned by Wednesday morning he would leap to Friday and skip right over Thursday!! But here we are Wednesday afternoon and all is well.

Last night, all the RIT folks and Stefan (who was the “on the ground coordinator” for the Big Shot in Stockholm and a critical point person/team leader for this Big Shot, and who arrived yesterday afternoon from Sweden) went to dinner with ACMT President Don Hudspeth and his wife at a more traditional Croatian Restaurant. Don selected a menu for us to try, including a cold plate of appetizers that included anchovies, squid salad and a smoked meat (similar to Prosciutto). The main entree was “Croatian roasted” lamb and veal with potatoes, and dessert was a tray with an assortment of Croatian favorites. Best of all, however, may have been the conversations throughout the evening, featuring lots of previous Big Shot tales to get everyone into the mood for Thursday, interesting facts and cultural learning about ACMT and Dubrovnik, and lots of light-hearted humor and laughter. The last conversation of the evening began when the Hudspeths received a phone call from home—one of their daughters had lost her first tooth! When we asked about a “Tooth Fairy,” we were told there was a Tooth Fairy AND a mouse!! More on this when we get it figured out. :)

—Debbie Kingsbury

  1. Marge Sakamoto
    Apr 12

    Hi Deb, I enjoyed reading your report this morning (Thursday, April 12) from Dubrovnik. Sounds like everyone is having a good time and a very interesting experience. I'm waiting to hear about the mouse.

  2. Julie
    Apr 12

    great story about the tooth fairy and a mouse! What an adventerous menu everyone tried!

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