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This week, University News received an e-mail inquiry about purchasing a DVD of last Friday’s Academic Convocation ceremony—which featured the keynote speech by former President Bill Clinton—and one of the college commencement ceremonies.

As University News is not in the retail (or wholesale) business (we give RIT news away for free), and because streaming video and audio coverage was already available online (plus, because I guessed that RIT doesn’t sell DVDs), I was prepared to refer the questioner to the Web. But, knowing that RIT’s Educational Technology Center recorded Academic Convocation and commencement ceremonies, I forwarded the request to our friends in that division.

To my surprise, I learned that RIT does sell DVDs of Academic Convocation and commencement ceremonies. Because others, too, may be interested in buying DVDs, following are ordering details (note the June 8 deadline):

DVDs of RIT’s Academic Convocation and individual college commencement ceremonies are available for $26 each. A package of two DVDs, including the Academic Convocation and a college commencement ceremony, is $42. DVDs can be ordered by calling (585) 475-4121 or by downloading an order form at http://www.rit.edu/~commence/know.php3#video (scroll down to “DVDs of College Commencement Ceremonies,” near the bottom). Orders must be placed by June 8.

Those who prefer revisiting last Friday’s memorable day online are invited to visit the RIT and University News Web sites for video coverage of Academic Convocation, an audio podcast of President Clinton’s keynote address, Campus Spotlight photos, and outside news media coverage (see RIT In the News). Coming soon: More photos in a comprehensive Photo Gallery and additional audio podcasts.

Have a great weekend!

  1. Justin Thorp
    Jun 02

    Mike, what about Dean Kamen's convocation speech from last year? I'd LOVE to see that again.

  2. Sue Provenzano
    Jun 04

    Hi Justin,

    We did not offer a DVD of last year's Academic Convocation at which Dean Kamen
    spoke. Each college commencement DVD included 6-8 minutes of highlights from the
    Academic Convocation, but they don't include Mr. Kamen’s entire speech. Sorry!

    Sue Provenzano
    Academic Affairs

  3. Justin Thorp
    Jun 05

    So there is no video or audio recording of Dean Kamen's talk?

  4. Sue Provenzano
    Jun 06


    No, we have no video or audio recording available for sale. I'm sure there
    is a master tape in the archives, but it is unedited and not readily available.

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