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Farewell, President and Mrs. Simone Inside N&E

We’ve featured a lot of photos of RIT President Albert Simone and his wife, Carolie, over the past 15 years. Countless photos of Al, in fact…

The trend continues in the June 21 issue of News & Events. And although his tenure as RIT president is nearing an end, I’m certain that Al Simone’s face will again grace the pages of this publication in the future. He will undoubtedly return to RIT for speaking engagements, special events and other occasions. But, as we were selecting images representative of Albert J. Simone Day on June 15 and his gala celebration on June 16, I honestly couldn’t help feeling a bit sad and nostalgic. I will truly miss his funny little expressions and his crooked smile.

I literally looked through hundreds of photos from both events and I wished we could have run more Simone photos in this issue. Al and Carolie looked like they were touched by these events—and the people attending them. They really looked like they enjoyed themselves (and they’re a cute couple on the dance floor).

I hope the community has the opportunity to see more of these great pictures from these two unforgettable days.

Enjoy the issue, and best wishes Al and Carolie.


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