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Journey across America—Part III Guest blogger

Breanna Dobbe and the rest of her Bike and Build team cruise into New Orleans this week, where they will spend several days lending their hands to help rebuild a city still ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. Breanna will continue to update us regularly on The Tiger Beat, so check back often:

Over 600 miles into the trip and we’ve finally arrived in New Orleans. We arrived yesterday after an 85-mile ride on rough terrain, and some not-so happy drivers. It seemed like almost everyone got at least one flat tire—I’m thankful that I didn’t. I’m hoping that I already did my share of tube and tire changing at the beginning of the trip.

I got to see my family yesterday. My grandparents (whom I haven’t seen since Christmas) drove out here from San Diego, and I have other family from Slidell, La., that I haven’t seen since last June. I was so happy. They made us all a delicious dinner and dessert.

During our ride in yesterday we actually rode through the 9th Ward and the area is still devastated. It’s so hard to imagine the kind of fear that must have been running through the residents of this area—either with the 100+ mph winds or the wall of water that came rushing at them. It’s been a couple of years now since Hurricane Katrina hit and there is still poverty, and I could feel in my chest how sad it makes me. We have three more build days here. I just keep reminding myself why we are doing this and how we are here to serve all of those that went through such a tragic event. This is what keeps me going when I’m tired and run down. I think that’s what keeps everyone going.

  1. Pedro
    Jul 02

    for all that are following this blog and to Breanna, here is a short quote I would like to share with you as inspiration along the journey...

    Improvements make straight roads; but the crooked roads without improvements are the paths to genius - author unknown

    Keep up the great efforts!

  2. Angie faulkner
    Jul 03

    You keep on trucking ^_^ you are totally going to make it worth while for others. This is a great inspiration and you totally have the strength to finish this :)

  3. Jeff Hering
    Jul 05

    Keep biking, Brenna! We just hosted 32 of the Northern B&B cyclists and sent them off to Lockport, then NF, and then westward. All enjoyed their “work day” here at RIT. If nothing else it gave them a day off from cycling. Stay safe and enjoy the experience!

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