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Journey across America—Part VI Guest blogger

RIT student and guest blogger Breanna Dobbe checks in this week from New Mexico, as her journey continues. Breanna is part of a team called Bike and Build and is biking across the country—stopping to do charity work along the way. Stay tuned for more updates:

In the last 4-5 days we have managed to bike about 400 miles. We just spent two days in Santa Fe, N.M., where one day was our day off. We spent the day exploring the city, getting some Cliff bars (which have become my on the road snack before and after lunch) and getting sunburned. Even though those miles were long and tough it was all worth it. We had to bike through this one part of New Mexico where it was miles of beautiful, green pastures. It was the kind of pastures where all I wanted to do was go in the center of them and lay down. It was so peaceful.

Today we arrived in Abequiu Lake, N.M. A few of us got in early and went for a nice swim in the lake. So refreshing and relaxing. For dinner we are eating at a place called Ghost Ranch where, at one time, Georgia O’Keefe lived for a summer home. Again—beautiful. Couldn’t really complain waking up here every morning with this kind of view.

Since the beginning of the trip I’ve come to really appreciate quite a few things: a bed, a shower, sleeping in, eggs, and a nicely paved road (to say the least). We’ve ridden over 2,000 miles and have less than one month before we hit our final destination of San Francisco, and as much as I’m enjoying the entire journey I can’t wait to cross the Golden Gate bridge. I know that it will be an exhilerating and emotional time for all of us. It will be a great accomplishment, for anyone, but more for some than others. It is something all of us have wanted to do, but maybe never thought we would actually do it. Until that moment comes, however, all we can do is keep pedaling, and enjoying it while we still can.

  1. Jen Lewis
    Jul 30

    HI Breanna! Great job, girl! Thank you for the post card. Keep on
    treckin! Wishing you and the rest of the gang a safe journey home.
    See you soon!

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